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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

It has been a pretty hectic couple of weeks for Him, Me and Our Three. Not only have we cleared This Old House in order for the builders to finally begin, but we have also moved yet again and welcomed two very cute new members into our family.

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate already, I finally gave in under the weight of several years of pester power and agreed to get kittens.


Buttons and Oreo

I may rue the decision to get two very lively cats but, working on the basis that my kids are easier when they have friends to play with, I am banking on the cats keeping each other entertained.

So far, much like my children, they seem to oscillate between trying to murder each other and cuddling up together so closely that it is hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.


Our Patient Three

To be fair to our three, they have been abundantly patient with their parents’ development dream. They have dealt with the uncertainty of where we would be going and the move from the only home they had ever known to the currently less than celubrious surroundings of This Old House. They have also taken the journey onwards to our temporary accommodation in their stride. If you are not familiar with our journey, you can find out how we started out by clicking here.

The seemingly endless (and still ongoing) game of chess that is building control in our area has meant that whilst they got the wallpaper for their new bedrooms at Christmas last year, it has sadly remained in the box ever since. With all of this in mind, when a neighbour near my husband’s business asked him if his children would like a kitten, I finally relented and ‘Buttons’ and ‘Oreo’ have joined the madness of our perpetual house hopping/ renovation journey.

Settling In

Having moved a couple of weeks ago, we have all settled in well to our temporary home. To be truthful, I’m beginning to see the attraction of a new-build property and am enjoying the benefits of a draught-free home with an ensuite bathroom and a constant supply of hot water. Our current abode is at the bottom of a cul-de-sac in a development with plenty of families and the kids have set about befriending all the neighbours. Just as my family home was when I was a child, ours seems to have quickly become the epicentre for the little community of kids on the street.

Hot Chocolate for Everyone

I’m having to entice my lot in to bed by making hot chocolate not only for them but for the whole neighbourhood. Our three are enjoying it so much here that I’m slightly concerned they won’t want to leave when we finally have This Old House completed.


Hot chocolate for everyone


While it will be quite some time before we get to that stage, at least we have finally begun in earnest. Our fourth amended application (yes fourth) is currently with building control and whilst we are praying that we have finally ticked every box on what seems like an ever-growing and constantly changing list of requirements, the builders have begun the work of demolishing the rear of the house.


Work begins by removing and saving the Bangor Blue slates from the garage roof

They began work at the start of the week and within a few days, the double garage is mostly gone, the sun room is down, the kitchen is out and we no longer have a rear wall. I guess there is no going back now!

My hubby is more than slightly panicked about the fact the half the house is down but I’m delighted to see progress at last.

Hidden Treasure

The 1970s additions that were so out of keeping with the rest of the building have gone for good and some odd little surprises have been found under the floorboards including newspapers from the 1940s and a very old mini oven and washing machine which look almost as good as new. My girls are calling this ‘hidden treasure.’ I’m not sure I’d go that far. A haul of antique gold or some Roman mosaic might be nice but it’s fascinating to get an insight into the history of the house and wonder what made someone conceal these things under the floor.


If anyone knows anything about these appliances and precisely what age they might be, I’d love to know more about them so please get in touch.

Do You Have a Story to Share?

What is the most unusual thing you have found whilst decorating or renovating? Why not share your stories in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you.


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